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PTP nodes in Portland

UPDATE - 6/8/06

I've stopped updating this map, because the good folks over at the Personal Telco Project have built a much better version of their map and put it online here. I'd recommend using theirs, as it's more likely to have correct information, but I'm keeping this one around for nostalgic purposes.


This is a little something I hacked up to display the free Wi-Fi nodes from Portland's awesome Personal Telco Project using Google's new map API. It's just just a quick hack that I did for myself because I found I was always going back and forth between the nodes page and Google Maps to find nodes. I used geocoder.us to find longitude and latitude for each of the nodes, as Google's map API does not do this yet. I created a CSV file to hold all of the data, and then inserted this into a MySQL database (schema). Yeah, this was probably redundant work, but oh well. It was very zen, all that copying and pasting :-)

Click on a marker to see details and links for the node there. Enjoy!

You can download the source here.

Contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.